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Sofe Designs Auction sale of March 26th includes four very fine wheellock rifles. The chiseled and inlaid German or Austrian example pictured is dated 1685. Other fine guns in the sale include a flintlock Kentucky Rifle by Adam Nosh, a gamblers five shot ring gun, a Caucasian miquelet rifle and a European style cased Colt .31 pocket revolver.

Among the swords in the sale is a fine Russian imperial naval dirk, a fine keris with silver and gold decoration, a rare Indonesian Belida sword and a 16th C Italian falchion. Among the other lots offered are Chinese imperial armours and a good Victorian suit of armour.

Click on the image for a link to the sale


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Among the lots in Centurion Auctions sale of the 10th are a pair of French model 1733 flintlock pistols by Blachon. Other early guns offered include a pair of Evan Philadelphia dueling pistols, a beautiful Spanish miquelet flintlock fowler by Antonio Guisasola and a pair of English dueling pistols by Manton.

WW2 collectible arms offered include a 1944 Inland Division M1A1 .30 cal paratrooper carbine, a Browning M 1919 cutaway model, and inert MG 34 and a German Berlin-Lubecker K43 semi-auto rifle. Other lots of interest are a Winchester model 101 shotgun with three sets of barrels and a range of civil war arms, among them a US navy flare pistols, a 5th model Burnside carbine an 1853 Tower Pattern Confederate musket. Click on the image for a link to the sale.