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blog image The three swords pictured are among the lots being offered by Landshuter Rüstkammer later this month in a sale of decorations, militaria and weapons. The pictured swords include two Bayern court officials’ swords from the reign of Max Joseph example and a later Bayern medical officers example from the reign of Max IV, all having blue and gilt blades.

Other swords in the sale include Blucher sabers and a fine damascus shooting presentation officers broadsword in addition to French and North African edged weapons. Flintlock and percussion pistols are also offered.

Among the collectible medals is are a Max Joseph -Knight's cross and a Bayern officers cross with flames and swords. Third Reich lots include a knights cross with oak leaves swords and diamonds.

World decorations include Bulgarian, Danish, Finish, French Greek, Japanese and Papal Awards. Napoleonic collectors will be interested in the rare Waterloo medal to a member of the Kings German Legion.

Click on the image for a link to the full auction description.