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A very rare pair of Dutch breech loading flintlock pistols is one of the rarer lots offered at Czerny’s on March 30th. American guns offered include a brass framed Henry rifle, an early 1873 Winchester, a Colt 1860 Army, a Colt 1878 DA "Alaskan" and a martially marked Colt percussion 1851 Navy revolver with London address.
The sale includes a rich assortment of "high art" arms from European, English, Indo-Persian, Asian and US backgrounds. Among the early European lots offered are several suits of armour, including a very attractive Italian cavalry half armour C. 1630. Other examples include a Brescian militia amour and a composite full armour in the Pisan style.
Among the many highly decorated Persian, Indo-Persian and Islamic arms offered are shamshirs, palas and kilij, as well as several gilded polouar swords. Greek, Ottoman and Balkan edged weapons are also represented, in addition to pistols and longarms, including silver mounted and cased examples.
The catalog has over 1000 lots and also covers the period up to WWI. It also includes uniforms, accouterments and medals. Click on an image for a link to the sale.