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Rock Islands May sale includes several guns owned by Elvis Presley. Pictured is a colt python engraved by the Friederick Wilheim Company in Germany that was featured in a 1973 edition of guns magazine. This is the first time this gun has been offered for sale privately. Other guns include and exhibition grad Winchester model 1866, cased Colt dragoons and Patersons, civil war arms and presentation sabers in addition to cased European flintlock and percussion pistols.

There are many fine sporting doubles offered as well as superb examples on WWII military arms and rare German uniform pieces.  A great selection of class III weapons is included in the catalog.


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The star of the March sale by San Giorgio Aste is a fabulous wheelock pistol owned by Rudolf of Hapsburg, Holy Roman Emperor, 1552-1612 that has extensive provenace and documentation.

Among the other fine lots offered by San Giorgio Aste in March are select lots of Russian interest including a fine cossack pistol, an important officers sabre, and an unusual kindjal. There is also a good selection of early European armour in the sale including a scarce spider helmet, cuirassier helms and an interesting jousting helmet.  Also in the European lots are a good selection of swords fromt the early medieval period onwards. There are several very fine early daggers in the catalog.

Among the guns offered is and unusual mathlock target gun as well as several fine antique sporting examples and a usable cased matched pair by Greener circa 1880. There is also a good selection of American antique handguns including Colts, Remintons and a very nice cased S&W. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Czernys march sale includes several important private collections among them two collections of Indian arms.  In the first collection is a rare  Deccan pulouar and a  massive tegha sword as well as many fine tulwar hilted shamshirs, beautifully decorated firangi’s and daggers of various form with crystal and jade hilts. The second Indian collection includes many exotic forms of dagger as well as two Ayda Katti swords and a 17th C sang lance head.
There is a wide section of European arms among them a fine pair of cased pistols by Manton and a second cased pair by Wattel Clark. Among the long guns are matchlocks, flintlocks and early cartridge sporting guns. For armour collectors there are two fine Maximillian form helmets, one period and one 19th C. Swords from all periods are included in the sale, among them Viking, medieval and later examples both civilian and military.
A selection of orders and militaria is also included. Click on the image for a link to the sale. 


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Worth auctions in NY are holding a sale of Civil war arms and accoutrements on March 12th. The lots are mixed with antique lots and this is the first of several sales featuring us military arms, edged weapons and accoutrements they will be holding.

Pictured is a very desirable Colt dragoon percussion pistol. This example has traces of original case coloring and stamps to the butt that indicate martial use. Also in the sale is a selection of flintlock and percussion rifles and muskets as well as handguns dating to the 18th and 19th centuries.  Firearms of note include a Maynard carbine, Springfield’s flintlock and percussion arms, tower muskets, a Freeman revolver, Colts, a Sharps rifle and many others.
The sale also includes military paintings, engravings and statuary as well as powderflasks, artillery shells and camp utensils.