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Landshuter Rustkammer’s next sale includes some very attractive Austrian, Hungarian and Polish Hussar sabres. Earlier edged weapons in the sale include rapiers, broad swords and daggers from Germany, Holland and Ital. Among these is a desirable sword by Standler of Munich. Armor in the sale includes several Comb Morion helmets, chain mail vests and a fine etched north Italian cabasset circa 1580.
Modern Military arms offered include a G43 sniper rifle and the prewar commercial broom-handle Mauser and Decker pistols pictured below. Antique Military guns include a Nuremberg matchlock C1620 several French cavalry percussion pistols as well as scarce examples of cavalry carbines from the late 19th C.
Among the top lots is the highly decorated Thüringen Wheelock dated 1656. There are several other Wheelock pistols, teschinkes style sporting guns and civilian matchlocks in the sale.
Ottoman arms offered include a fine published 17th century helmet of turban form. The sale also includes uniforms, medals and orders. Click on the image for a link to the catalog.