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Czernys Winter fine arms and amour sale includes the full cavalry armour pictured. This north Italian example is from 3rd quarter of the 17th century. An additional rare armour lot in the sale is a 16th C. Ottoman full horse armour. Other armour and early European weapons lots include a man-at-arms half armour, several fine rapiers, a scarce pillow sword, a German hand and a half sword, a fine and scarce English silver decorated cutlass C 1630, a rare Venetian parade glaive and a Dresden left hand dagger C 1600.

Guns in the sale range from fine sporting arms such as a cased pair of Holland and Hollands to the 18thC revolving flintlock fowler from Carlsbad  to an embellished a Wheelock rifle with the arms of Franz Christophe Von Hutten the prince bishop of Wurzburg.

Eastern European, Persian and Indo-Persian lots include a fine zaghnal, a range of shamshirs, fine khula-khuds, Cossack arms and a polish mace. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Carrying the highest estimate ($375,000-$650,000) in Rock Island's premiere sale is one of very few known factory panel scene engraved Single Action Army’s. This exquisite example was made in 1879. Other fine guns in the sale include General McClellan's presentation 1860 Colt Army revolver, a Paterson model 1839 carbine presented by Rhode Island governor Samuel King and a Marlin Deuxe model 1897 rifle owned by Annie Oakley.


Among other historic lots in the sale are a sword presented for Gallantry in 1812 by President Andrew Jackson, a US model 1874 Gatling gun with field carriage, a Colt Walker and a WWII presentation grade Savage made Thompson Submachine gun. Click on the image for a link to the sale.