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Landshuter Rüstkammer will be offering 1400 lots of antique arms and armor, orders and decorations on September 17th/ & 18th. The sale includes early pistols such as the highly decorated  Nuremberg wheellock puffer C1580 pictured, and a pair of cased flintlock dueling pistols by Thomas Mortimer.
A highlight of the armour offered is a closed helmet in Maximilian form C. 1515 that has a starting bid of 12,000 euros. The sale also includes suits of armour, numerous other helmets, shields and elements of armour.

High quality oriental and Asian daggers from a private collection as well as firangi, kilic, tulwar, & shamshir are also offered in the sale. A fine Kard with scabbard and gold inlaid inscription is among the daggers crossing the block. In the second part of the sale there is a large range of German, Austrian and international medals, decorations and militaria 1750-1945, among them a Grand Cross for Princes Saxony and a Prussian generals helmet C 1900. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Rock Island’s premiere three day sale starting September 10th  includes many superb lots with A “One of One Hundred” Winchester 1876 leading the sale with an estimate of $250,00-$275,000. Other highly estimated guns include a pair of Gustave Young engraved Colt Single Action Armys and a pair of Gastinne-Renette Crystal Palace Exhibition dueling pistols. Another rare and highly unusual lot is the walrus ivory stocked Ottoman miquelet musket pictured. This is one a group of guns, one of which is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, thought to have been used by the bodyguard of Ottoman emperor Al Ahmid I.  Sotheby’s sold a similar  gun in 2015 for 77,500 GBP. Also in the sale is a Colt US Navy Gatling gun, A Rigby Sidelock rifle in .577 N.E. and a cased Colt Patterson N0 # 3

Among the edged weapons in the sale is an NBTHK “Especially Precious” ranked Diasho set, several civil war and Napoleonic presentation swords and pinfire combination sword revolver. The sale has a wide range  fine martial and civilian longarms and pistols from the US and around the world as well as daggers, elements of armour and accoutrements. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Sofe Designs sale of August 28th is comprised of a wide range of collectible antique arms and amour from all over the world.  One of the leading lots is a pair of Chercheska uniforms pictured. They are accompanied by  nielloed belts, fine kinjals, gaziri cartridge holders and a child’s shaska.  Among the edged weapons offered in the sale are many fine examples of Japanese  swords including a Daisho set, several fine shamshirs, fine kinjals, English swords from the US revolutionary period, a highly unusual early European rapier and a bolo sword bearing a presentation inscription to Edward VIII.

Guns in the sale include a massive French percussion breechloading rampart gun, a Colt baby dragoon, an English blunderbuss with spring bayonet by Archer, and a pair of middle eastern howdah pistols with silver decoration. Crossbows, powder flasks, daggers and armour are also found in the sale. Click on the image for a link to the catalog.