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blog image  A Colt Paterson belt pistol, fifth Model Ehlers with a 4.5 inch octagonal barrel marked, -Patent Arms (space) Paterson N-J Colt’s Pt. numbered 165 on all parts is a lot that will generate significant interest in this Canadian sale. While mostly orders, decorations and numismatics, it includes some highly desirable examples of antique arms.

Among the guns in the sale are a Colt Model 1851 Navy, Thuers conversion, a cased Colt Model 1849 pocket revolver, a Manton percussion double rifle, a half stock percussion Rifle by Baker London, a pair of French doubled barreled flintlock pistols and several very good examples of Indian trade guns.

The sale also includes a club butt fowler, edged weapons and accoutrements.

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blog image  One of the top lots in Auktionsverket online sale are a superb pair of early 18th century pistols signed Meckel a Schwerin. They are iron mounted with two stage barrels.

Other lots in this online sale include and Indo-Persian bident staff weapon, chiseled and gold inlaid, a gilt bronze and ivory mounted hunting sword, a saluting cannon with the cypher, of Charles XI, a Spanish left hand dagger with pierced and chiseled guard c. 1600and a halberd. Among the antique firearms are an unusual Swedish revolving pistol by Offrell as well as English flintlock and percussion pistols and a sea service pistol. Swedish long arms are among the lots offered as are several tower muskets, a pair of British pistols with brass barrels signed Barnett, a second pair of over and under pistols by Richards. A pair of French flintlock pistols signed Bouquet Iaine a Saugues will also cross the block.

Other lots include an ambassador’s uniform, a Dyak Mandau and a fine colichemarde Swedish smallsword with blue and gilt blade. A large section of the sale is made up of contemporary and custom made Scandinavian knives and daggers.

Click on the image for a link to the sale.