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Among the fine antique guns offered by Czerny’s Auctioneers in their sale of June 10th are an important pair of late 18th C cased French pistols by Boutet. Other fine early pistols include pair of flintlock dueling pistols by Joseph Manton London, C 1810, a very attractive pair of flintlock pistols, made for the eastern market by LaMotte St Etienne and an exceptional pair of silver gilt Ottoman  pistols. Long guns include a rare 16th C breechloading wheellock carbine, an Italian 17th C two primer wheelock gun and a rare Italian revolving rifle by Rocco De Luca dated 1867.
Other lots in the sale include a very rare 16th C complete Ottoman horse armour, a 17th C scimitar blade with inscription associating the sword with the 17th C Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb, a complete Moro armour with helmet, a German military 16th C rapier, on of many swords in the sale, two Dutch 17th C cannon on carriages, tow Spanish mortars C 1700, an English pikeman’s armour and a rare silver mounted Caucasian Shasqua. Click on the image for a link to the sale to see these and other lots.


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Antikvity Praha’s sale of June 4th  includes many fine edged weapons and early guns. Among the swords are a 17th C Italian schiavona, a Russian imperial presentation sword in niello silver mounts with hallmarks for 1897, an 18th C Austrian cavalry broadsword engraved "Vivat Carolus VI", a silver-mounted Hungarian sabre for a magnate, several fine Ottoman Yataghans, an Austrian broadsword M 1824 by Fischer, a French hussar´s saber M 1777 and a 17th C Spanish cup-hilt rapier.

Guns in the sale include a flintlock pistol by Joseph Hamerl, Vienna C 1730, a left handed wheellock Rifle, a combination sporting  gun by Johann Adam Kuchenreuter, the younger (1794 - 1869), court gunsmith to the princes of Thurn and Taxis and gunsmith to the royal Bavarian court after 1840, a
cased pair percussion pistols by Pirmet a Paris C 1840, a flintlock rifle by Jean Rodzinsky Warsaw C 1800, a Munich percussion target rifle by Johann Rieger, a Bohemian target rifle Inlaid in gold with "K. Schwab in Pilsen” and a pair of  French  flintlock pistols by Jean Griottier C 1750.  Click on the image for a link to the sale to see these and other lots



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Swiss Auctions Center’s sale of May  21st  includes this very unusual Indo-Persian Pesh-kabz dagger with hollow handle containing a range of surgical instruments. The sale includes a range of antique and modern collector arms. Other edged weapons include an 14th C European broadsword, probably Italian, a good English Horse Guards 18th C basket hilt sword with lion pommel, one of several English and Scottish swords,  and a rare south German medieval dagger C 1400.

Among the other lots  in the sale are a pair of Scottish steel pistols by Innes of a rare early Iberian dagger C 2nd C BC, A WWII Thompson, a Sig P210, and a landsknecht Maximilian type dagger from the first half of the 15th C. Click on the image for a link to the sale