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Czerny’s Sale of Nov 12th includes this iconic German late 15th C. salet from the Kuppelmayr collection. This sale includes a good selection or armour with the highest estimate attached to a Pisan style armour, by tradition that of the Duke of Ferrara, purchased in 1836 by the 6th viscount Powerscourt. A finely made field armour for a boy in the German style C 1800 is also offered as well as Maximillian style armour and several half-armours.
A lavish 17th C German wheellock with gold and enamel decoration nameD to an artillery colonel who was also an important Saxon architect will cross the block. There are several other outstanding wheellocks offered including tschinke, puffer pistols and a carbine.  Many are highly engraved, inlaid and superb decorative pieces as well as important historical artifacts.
Among the edged weapons in an outstanding and rare gold mounted French Renaissance dagger C 1570, a jade hilted kandshar inlaid with precious stone and gold, a 15th C hand and a half German sword and a fine Caucasian shasqua with silver hilt. The sale includes 798 lots at all prices ranges. Click on the image for a link to the sale.


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Milestone’s premiere auction includes many unusual and rare items among the 611 offered. The sale is being held Oct 23rd and among the more desirable lots offered is a model 1860 Henry rifle. Also in the sale is a Colt 1905 45 automatic pistol, pictured, and several scarce 1911’s including a Remington UMC 1911 and a 1917 dated Colt 1911 NRA pistol, one of less than 200 examples.

Among the other guns in the sale are a presentation Volcanic pistol, a US model 1817 Springfield martial pistol and an experimental Winchester model 70 rifle in  243 Winchester serial #1. Click on the image for a link to the sale.